My Journey to the Foreign Service

It looks like my blossoming travel blog will have a lot more material in the near future. I will be joining the U.S. Foreign Service as an Office Management Specialist on January 23, 2017.

I am incredibly excited to enter into training, but it truly doesn’t seem real to me yet. Even when I (finally) get around to sorting through my belongings it probably won’t seem real. I expect that I’ll exist in this strange dreamlike state until I actually leave the plane in my first foreign post (which will not be assigned until I complete orientation).

There are a lot of unknowns involved in this transition, and the daunting idea of leaving behind everything I have ever known and loved. I’m hoping this blog can help me process this once I actually start in my new position, as well as serving as a means to share all of the future travel adventures I hope to have! I will continue posting travel tips and itineraries under “Personal Travel,” and anything related to my new career will be under “Foreign Service Life.”

In the meantime, below is my timeline for the Foreign Service application. I know those of you who are considering applying or are just getting started will probably be interested in the outline of the process!

11/24/2015 – Submitted application for Foreign Service Office Management Specialist

1/12/2016 – Received invitation to Oral Assessment and scheduled OA for March in D.C.

3/7/2016 – Passed Oral Assessment with a score of 6.0

6/4/2016 – Received Top Secret Security Clearance

7/11/2016 – Received medical clearance

8/18/2016 – Added to OMS Register

9/23/2016 – Invited to January 2017 Foreign Service Specialist training

Now, the question truly is Where Will I Wander?


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